auto flexiload server

Auto Flexiload Server

Auto Flexiload Server Software

Auto FlexiLoad Software is basically an automated talk time refill and mobile banking transaction server system. This software allows you to handle many retail shops in the country and abroad from one place by your own PC or Smart Phone!
Operator Support : Robi,Grameen Phone, Banglalink, Airtel,Teletalk,bKash,rocket

Auto Flexi Server Software

Our system allows Mobile Banking resellers to run their business with limited budget. Server owner can give a reseller account to set a transaction limit. Any retailer can run their business as a mobile banking agent with a small amount of money.

ETS Auto Recharge

This software allows you to rechargea large number of SIM card in the blink of eyes. You don’t need to pay for any recharge employees. Our innovative ETS automated system allows you to recharge any individual SIM card balances while it running low. This unique synchronization API is totally free for ETS users.

Auto Flexiload Software Price List

৳ 13000

Auto Server

  • No Modem
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Reseller
  • 100% Uptime
  • Free Mobile Apps
৳ 20000

Auto Server

  • Free 4 Port Modem
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Reseller
  • 100% Uptime
  • Free Mobile Apps
৳ 32000

Auto Server

  • 8 Port Modem Free
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Reseller
  • 100% Uptime
  • Free Mobile Apps

Why should you use this Auto flexiload Software?

  • 99.99% Server Uptime.
  • 206 Hours long testing period passed.
  • 60% faster than other software.
  • Advanced anti-hacking security system.
  • IMEI integration and checking for every login.
  • Easy and synchronized controlling.
  • Low setup cost than typical retailer shop.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Simplified recharge system for mobile operators and mobile banking.

auto flexiload Server Features:

  • All operator refills and all mobile banking transaction from one single PC or Smart Phone.
  • Individual balance inquiry.
  • Sub-admin,reseller, and agent appoint facility.
  • The individual user controlling.
  • Separate and gross transaction real-time reporting.
  • CSV and multiple transactions command supported.
  • Database backup and easily maintained.

Requirements for Auto flexiload Software

  • Collect Retailer SIM or Mobile Banking Agent SIM form particular company distributor. We do not provide any SIM card/retailer account.
  • Setup a Desktop or Laptop computer with Windows 10 operating system.
  • Connect to any Internet connection line.
  • We Provide for flexiload software
    • PC Software to install on your Desktop or Laptop.
    • An Online Server.
    • All Modem to connect the SIM cards.
    • An Android App.

Customer Support

We provide a free customer support for the first time. If you need any installation support again, after reinstalling your operating system. You may need to pay a service charge for expert’s support.

Paid Support Every Time

Our dedicated customer service managers are ready for you from 10 AM to 6 PM every day, except govt. and other holidays.

Service Cost

Please contact our customer care executive for any pricing related quarry.

Sales Mobile No: 0162-2226622
Cautions For Reseller and Server Owners

  1. Do not install any unknown software or Apps.
  2. Do not log in to your account from an unknown device.
  3. Use OTP instead of a PIN.
  4. Use two-step verification system.
  5. Check your recovery email and recovery phone number periodically.
  6. Check auto-forwarding system for given email.
  7. Set reseller balance limit from Reseller>Reseller Edit.
  8. Do not use common passwords.
  9. Create your username by using Upper case, lower case, numbers, and symbols.
  10. Change your PIN and Password periodically.
  11. Do not appoint any reseller to an unknown person.
  12. Do not perform any illegal transactions.
  13. Keep privacy.
  14. Do not share your PIN and other information with anyone.

Cautions Server Owners:

  1. Check your activity log,reseller log, and admin log daily. Block any suspicious IP immediately.
  2. Set auto sending limit to your billing from Administrator > Security Settings.
  3. Keep your session logout time below 15 minutes. Set it from Administrator>Security Settings.
  4. Use Balance limit for resellers from Reseller Edit.
  5. Set a daily limit to Auto Send in your Desktop software.
  6. Use manual server for a mobile banking transaction.
  7. Recheck every step for mobile banking transactions.
  8. Everyday backup your database before closing the
  9. Keep your admin login link private.
  10. Use SSL for an extra layer of security.
  11. Set new tariff for uplink and downlink.
  12. Check Report > Transaction History to check balance history.

Auto flexiload Software Installation Guide

  1. Setup your modem driver and connect to the internet.
  2. Download software.
  3. Open notepad file and replace your device name with
  4. Run software by clicking Start button.
  5. Use a single computer.
  6. Do not share your PIN or OTP with any person.
  7. Do not install any messenger software like Skype, IMO, Viber or that particular PC.
  8. Do not browse any website from your server PC
  9. Do not use any Social Media account from your server PC.
  10. Keep your PC separate from regular use.

Avoid illegal transactions strictly. We are not part of your profit or loss. Follow these cautions to avoid any unwanted situation. We are not responsible for any illegal activity by you or your resellers.